Business Story Seminar

Enhance your communication and persuasion skills.

Introducing Robert McKee’s one-day STORY-in-BUSINESS Seminar.

This is a rare opportunity to meet one of the world’s top scholars & the man behind countless Academy award, Emmy award, Writers Guild of America & the Directors Guild of America nominees!


Robert McKee’s one-day BUSINESS STORY Seminar brings you insights, actionable story knowledge and ready-to-use tools that will greatly enhance your communication and persuasion skills.

“McKee’s exceptional teaching is critical to business success.”

– Phyllis Fogarty
Brand Manager, Pepsico

In an age of 24/7 information, nothing dates faster than factual content. Properly executed stories, on the other hand, offer the possibility of winning hearts as well as minds, while delivering an immersive experience around your products, services and brand assets.


A leader must persuade, and to persuade, a leader must master the art of storytelling. Story is both emotional and intellectual – it captures hearts as well as minds. In this single-day September event, Robert McKee will guide business leaders and managers to mastery of this timeless art and so they can turn ideas into action.


In recent years, Robert has helped organizations as diverse as Microsoft, Nike, Hewlett-Packard and Siemens develop their evolving narrative game plans. He can do the same for you and your company.

As Robert McKee teaches with humor, discipline and immediate relevance, story can transform your organization from a disconnected assembly to a united tribe able to transform their own destinies and that of the industry.


In a world growing ever more uncertain and demanding on the human intelligence, Robert McKee’s story power will fire your imaginations and ignite your tribe’s outperformance.

“I must tell a story in 30 sec to 3 min. McKee taught me how to create a unique & compelling story for the international brand.”


– Phil Chapman
Marketing Director, KRAFT Foods

Robert McKee’s Story Business Seminar.

Session 1

Story and Effective Executive

  • Leadership by emotional persuasion
  • Leadership by intellectual persuasion
  • Leadership and the purpose - Told Story
    The merge of intellectual and
    emotional persuasion

To begin the day, McKee examines three primary tactics that underlie all human communication, persuasion & leadership from face-to-face conversations to mass marketing campaigns. He lays out the hidden strategies behind each technique to reveal why the simplicity of story trumps the others.

Session 2

Shaping Story: Design & Execution

  • Beginning: The inciting incident
  • Middle: Progressive complications
  • End: Crisis and climax

During the second session, McKee takes an in-depth look at the dynamic inner life of the purpose-told story. He takes the seminar behind the commonplace concepts of Beginning, Middle, and End, to explore story’s essential components: Dynamic Values, Objects of Desire, Forces of Antagonism, Turning Points, Crisis, Climax and the Positive Outcome.

Session 3

Executing the Purpose: Told Story

  • Face-to-face story telling
    Conversation vs. Presentation
  • Story telling at a distance
    Marketing vs. Branding

In the third session, McKee looks at performance. Whether an executive tells story in an elevator or over lunch, via Skype or in a board meeting, to sell a product or to position the corporation, face-to-face or on the internet, storytelling is always a performance. The successful telling combines preparation and improvisation.

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