Misson & Services

Two Sectors, Two Goals.

We encourage professional writing in two areas.

STORY telling for the business community

  • Business leaders and executives of all fields
  • Chair persons and Board Directors
  • CEOs
  • Lawyers / accountants / managers
  • Executives from the Banking Industry
  • IT industry people
  • Advertising and promotional groups
  • Retail companies
  • Media groups
  • Political leaders
  • Strategists, planners and business development teams/individuals

STORY writing for the media / audiovisual / public at large

  • Scriptwriting for films
  • Scriptwriting for television
  • Writing documentaries
  • Writing adaptations
  • Writing of articles in the general media, whether printed or digital
  • Novel writing
  • Stage-play writing
  • Writing for the audio/radio transmission
  • Writing as a journalist

That’s not the end of it.

The International Writers Institute also offers Script Writing, Script Consulting, and Assisting in Writing of Treatments / Story outlines. The Board of the Institute will be developing further services and these will be announced in due course. Please register your interest to be kept updated with our activities.